How to Build Your Relationship With Couples Yoga

Couple yoga

Yoga is traditionally seen as an individual activity. It’s all about taking a deep breath, letting your mind relax, and connecting with your body. And while spending some time alone with yourself on a yoga mat can be great, that is not to say couples yoga doesn’t come with its own benefits.

What is Couples Yoga?

Couples yoga, or partner yoga, is the act of practicing yoga with another person. This could be a significant other, a friend, or family member. In couples yoga two people assist each other through a variety of different poses. Along with letting your body and mind relax, couples yoga is a great way to build your relationship with a significant other.

Benefits of Couples Yoga

Creative Way to Spend Quality Time

In today’s day and age, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether it’s work commitment or children, it can be difficult to get the chance to spend down time exclusively with your partner. Couples yoga is a creative and relaxing way to schedule time specifically with your significant other.

Relationships require constant work and communication. By marking out time in your schedule for a yoga class with a partner, you are showing them that they are important to you. Couples yoga class can also be a great idea for date night. Ditch the monotonous movie and dinner dates and sign up for a yoga class instead! 

Enhanced Intimacy

Intimacy is integral to a healthy relationship. Couples yoga can do wonders for your relationship in terms of intimacy and your sex life. It allows two people to bring their bodies together and deepen a physical bond. 

Working on couples poses together will allow you to open your bodies to each other and better understand physical cues and communication. Moving together in sync will not only increase your awareness of your partner’s needs, but also yourself. 

Decrease Stress

Similar to individual yoga, couples yoga is also known to reduce stress and anxiety. The multiple poses you can practice together with your partner will allow your bodies to relax in the company of one another.

Most people feel most at ease in the presence of their significant other. Holding your partner’s hand, or leaning on them for support in itself can reduce stress, so think of what it can do when combined with yoga!

Establish Better Communication

Yoga is primarily a practice in mindfulness. Mindfulness not only helps to reduce stress but also plays an important role in overall improved wellbeing and physical health.

When you practice mindfulness together with your partner, you are opening up channels of communication. By being mindful of your partner’s needs and wants you’re establishing better trust and communication.  Practicing yoga poses with your significant other allows you to lean and rely on them. This allows you to establish verbal and non verbal communication as well. 

Ready to Take a Yoga Class With Your Partner?

Couples Yoga is a great way to deepen the stretch and create a sense of intimacy with your partner. It can also be a fun way to connect with them and have some laughs. So next time you’re feeling adventurous, give partner yoga a try!

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