Is Yoga For Men Too?

There’s a common misconception that yoga classes are dominated by women. However, there is no reason why yoga should be limited to a specific gender. In fact, the benefits of yoga are numerous for both men and women. Yoga is not merely an activity, but a lifestyle. Men should certainly not shy away from a lifestyle that is not only invigorating, but brings with it a slew of additional benefits.

Yoga for Men

Yoga Benefits for Men

Stress Reliever

It is a known fact that yoga is an excellent stress reliever. Having a specific time of the day set aside to just take a breath can have a great impact. Often, men resort to activities in the gym as a means of relieving stress. However, while striking a punching bag can surely be satisfying, it might not be the healthiest way to get rid of stress. Yoga allows a tranquil and transformative way to channel any negative feelings. Additionally, when you force yourself to step away from the rest of the world and take a moment to yourself, you are allowing your body and mind to wind down and relax.

Build Body Strength

When people think of yoga, they imagine closed eyes and deep breaths. However, yoga is not always a gentle and slow activity. It’s different for everyone and can be adjusted to your needs and wants. If men want to build their strength and tone their muscles they don’t only have to hit the gym. Several yoga poses require an active involvement of muscles. You can work with your yoga instructor to develop a routine which can result in effects not unlike an intensive gym workout.

Heal Injuries

Do you suffer from back pain or a knee injury? Do these affect your workout routines? With yoga, you can incorporate an active lifestyle without damaging any previous injuries. Yoga Therapy is specifically designed to help alleviate any physical sufferings. A yoga therapist can work closely with you to develop a plan to help you recover from any injury and even surgery.

Correct Body Posture

Whether from sports or hunching over a desk at work, men can develop a bad posture any time throughout their life. Not only does yoga help in improving body flexibility, but also in correcting your posture. During yoga classes, you can learn how to relieve your muscles of tension and rigidity and allow them to settle in a more comfortable and natural posture. This not only carries health benefits but, improves your overall countenance as well.

Better Sleep

Trouble falling asleep? After a tiring day at work or an exhaustive gym session, men can find they have trouble falling asleep or even fitful sleep when they do. Yoga can come in handy in such a situation. Since yoga teaches you to relax your body, you can incorporate those teachings into your sleeping routine and fall asleep quicker. Since several yoga poses also work on breathing exercises. In this process they enhance respiratory functions, thus also enhancing sleep quality. 

Improve Sexual Performance

Yoga helps in building body flexibility, which in turn can help in improving your sex life. Since yoga is also a practice in relieving anxiety and stress, it can help you perform better. Yoga also allows your body and mind to become one, in sync with one another. This can no doubt have a positive effect on your body awareness and confidence. 

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If you’re a man who’s been hoping to start yoga but hasn’t made the leap yet, we can help you! Our certified trainers can work with you to develop a plan to suit your needs. Whether it be toning muscles, helping relieve injury, or simply learning to breathe, yoga can introduce a variety of benefits into your life. Don’t shy away!

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