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Martha Catz offers private yoga classes in her studio in Smithfield. If you are a beginner in the practice of yoga, if you have any health issues that impact mobility, if you are hesitant for any reason about being in a class with other people, or if you’re at an advanced level, consider taking private yoga classes. There are many benefits to taking private lessons that are tailored to your individual abilities and goals.

Yoga is beneficial on many levels. It can help to prevent injuries, relax muscles, and keep you flexible, all of which make it a great addition to your regular workout program. By reducing stress and increasing oxygen levels, yoga can help you achieve an overall sense of wellbeing. Having a one-on-one experience with Martha provides the individual guidance for your unique development in the yogic practice. In her focus to provide flexible, individual yoga experiences, she offers both private yoga therapy and private meditation sessions as well.



Our three 1-hour private lessons are $150.

All private lessons are in-house at our studio.

101-3A East Market St. Smithfield, NC 27577

Receiving Individual Yoga Instruction For Your Needs

Martha provides instruction that is specifically for you in a one-on-one experience, taking into account your particular needs. Progressing in yoga can require moving in ways that may be unfamiliar to you, and may initially be uncomfortable depending on your abilities, so taking it at your own pace is important.

When you are in a class with other students, you may not be able to get individualized instruction for aspects of poses such as proper alignment. With a private yoga class with Martha, she is right there with you to show how to begin, carry out, and end every pose properly.

Setting Personal Goals on Your Schedule

With private yoga lessons, you can establish personal goals with the help of your instructor. One of the biggest benefits of private lessons is that you can create a personalized program in which you are able to focus on your specific concerns and interests by setting up a truly individualized program. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, Martha can construct a plan that meets you exactly where you are in terms of ability. Furthermore, group classes don’t always work with your busy calendar. It’s an additional plus that you can schedule individual lessons when it is convenient for you.

Having a Comfortable and Private Space

When you have a private yoga class at our studio in Smithfield, you can discuss any concerns with Martha that you might not feel comfortable talking about in a group yoga class where your time is limited and others are around. Letting her know of any injuries, chronic diseases, your exercise history, and other aspects of your physical abilities and past experience builds a foundation for developing your individualized program. Following up on how you feel after a lesson is crucial in making adjustments that may be necessary in order to make sure you are benefitting fully from the experience. In the privacy of your lesson, you are able to have these conversations. 

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