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Why is there a consultation?

A consultation is an opportunity for us to ask questions and explore answers about the condition for which you are seeking treatment. How did it begin, when and how often do you experience the issue. I will want to know if you are working with a physical therapist or if you are on medications, and to learn a bit about you and how you function in daily living. This is also an honest moment to determine if Yoga Therapy may be right for you.

Will you ask me to stop seeing my physical therapist, doctor or other health provider?

No, I do not prescribe nor suggest going against your physician’s medical advice. I am here to work with you, and if you are already in treatment, to work in concert with your health care provider, whether that is with a physical therapist, chiropractor or physician. I will however let you know if I believe your existing treatment is running counterproductive to the yoga therapy or is against my professional organizations’ codes of ethics and guidelines (American Psychological Association (APA), International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), and Yoga Alliance (YA).

How many times a week should we meet?

Generally, once a week when first beginning yoga therapy classes. After a while, we may begin meeting every other week or once a month. Much depends upon your progress.

Will I have exercises or other types of assignments to do on my own?

Yes. You will have exercises to practice at home. The “homework” may also include breathing exercises, meditation or journaling.

How does yoga therapy differ from standard physical therapy?

Let’s first understand how they are similar. Both seek to help the individual move into a more functional state, with less discomfort, and to improve over all quality of life. The methods are what are different. Our yoga therapy sessions are one on one, and the therapist never leaves your side. The room is a calm, peaceful place with no distractions. There are no standardized A-Z treatment methods, each session is individually created for the client. A yoga therapist is also interested in your daily routines, social support, and your coping skills for stress.

Will I be given treatments other than asana, breath-work and meditation?

You may be asked to use hot or cold compresses, but electrical stimulation and joint manipulation is not offered.

How long is the average treatment?

Generally, you will see positive changes within 6- 8 sessions. Much, though, will depend upon what issues we are working on, and how consistent you are in your home practice and in changing behaviors that may aggravate the condition. Yoga therapy is an investment in you, but without your active participation it is difficult to progress. Whether receiving traditional or alternative forms of treatment, when you are an advocate for your own health, the potential for positive change is greater.

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