Yoga Instructor Certification FAQs

Who can participate in yoga teacher training at the Yoga Connection?

We advise any participant to have familiarity with the yoga asana. It is not necessary to have previous teacher training to take the program with us.

The Yoga Connection Registered Yoga School (RYS) will award you a certificate of completion. With this certificate you can register with Yoga Alliance for the 200 hour level.

Yoga Alliance® is the national education and support organization for yoga in the United States. They established minimum standards for yoga teachers. Teachers that meet these standards are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). Registered teachers with significant experience can register as Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT). A school that satisfies or exceeds the minimum training standards may apply for Registered Yoga School (RYS) status. Once a school is registered, all graduates of the RYS are automatically eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Connection is a RYS.

The deposit is non-refundable under all conditions.

Early bird and payment in full:

  1. Up to July 15, 2021 for Early Bird and Paid in Full will be refunded in full, minus the $250 deposit fee.
  2. July 16 – August 16, 2021, for Early Bird and Paid in Full will be refunded at 50% of the total, minus the deposit fee.
  3. August 17 – September 1, 2021, For Early Bird and Paid in Full will be refunded 75% of the total minus the deposit fee.
  4. After September 1, 2021, there is no refund.
  5. For Payment Plans, there is no refund once payment has been made, including the non-refundable deposit.

All cancellations and requests for refunds must be made by email:

You can pay online at your convenience. We do not accept Venmo nor Paypal. Please pay online on our website, or you can come directly to the studio and make payments.

If you have any questions regarding the refund policy please contact us.

Each weekend consists of 5 modules. If more than 30 minutes of any module is missed on any day, no credit will be received for that module and you will have to make up the time privately. You cannot make up more than 3 modules. Private sessions are available at the rate of $120 per 2 hours. If you chose not to make up the time then you can continue with the teacher training but no certificate will be awarded and you will not be able to register with Yoga Alliance. This is a commitment on our part and on yours. We will do everything we can to help you complete this training but your presence is absolute.

Martha Catz is the primary E-RYT for this training. Other instructors (E-RYT & RYT only) and guest speakers will also be participating in your education. All speakers meet the requirements of Yoga Alliance.

Yes, there is additional work outside of the studio, such as journaling, reading, and practice on your own.

More and more gyms, health centers, hospitals, businesses, churches, and private studios are looking for yoga instruction. Whether your focus is teaching asana, meditation or yoga lifestyle you will be qualified to bring the concepts of yoga to many places and situations.

Regardless of whether you plan on teaching or this training is for personal understanding:  Is the asana your primary method for finding peace, meditation or for your physical fitness? Programs which are very asana based may spend less time in developing skills in meditation techniques (Vipassana, Samatha, or other forms of mindful meditation) and pranayama training may be more in service of the asana practice rather than for stress reduction or meditation. Trainings that are asana focused may also have more physical demands in a daily training, so ask: How many hours in a day are devoted to physical asana practice generally?  

Ask about the focus on the asana training. Is it alignment/structural or flow/vinyasa oriented? Some trainings are specific and the lead instructor have been certified such as Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Purna. Some programs refer to themselves as flow, power flow, or alignment based. Ask them what they mean by these terms. They may teach the asana but do they teach actual sequencing and class design. This is important if you choose to teach. If you don’t want to teach, you still need to know how to safely practice asana and pranayama in your own practice.

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