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Mindful Awareness Meditation

The thoughts and perceptions of our daily experiences can come to rule our lives. It can determine how we react to events, relationships, and even how we treat ourselves. Mindful Awareness Meditation is a technique that helps us unlock ourselves from habits of unconscious reaction to the new possibilities of responding and living in our daily lives.

By becoming aware of our true experiences, we can gain insight into our habitual reactions and behaviors such as anger, sadness, over-eating, or judgment, and move toward real change. Through Duke’s Integrative Medicine program, Martha has completed her training of Mindful Awareness Meditation using the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction model of John Kabot-Zinn, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She now teaches meditation and yoga therapy classes in Smithfield.


With how fast and loud life can be at times, it may feel strange at first to sit in silence. However, people have been meditating for over 3,000 years in order to become more focussed, more aware, less stressed, and less reactive or emotional in themselves and around others.

It’s a great skill to be able to step back and take a moment for yourself. Training the mind to meditate can be one of the most rejuvenating and rewarding experiences in life.

Transform Your Perspective

Our minds are what help us perceive the world. What we experience can be heavily affected by what mindset we’re in. That being said, practicing meditation regularly can help improve your whole perception in life.

When you are upset or not feeling well, the world may seem more negative and gloomy. Having a clean and calm mind can actually help improve your mood and how you interact with others and the world.


Meditation is simple. All it takes is learning a few simple steps and techniques along with proper breathing. You may not experience uninterrupted calm right away.

Feeling restless and distracted at first is completely normal, but it becomes easier and easier to relax with every Smithfield-based guided session. Eventually, stillness will come as second nature.

How, When, and Where to Meditate?

When you’re first starting out it’s important to know that you don’t have to be traditional about it. You can do guided meditation in one of our sessions in Smithfield and then take it home to practice whenever you like. Early in the morning or whenever you may feel stressed is the best time to meditate. Any quiet environment where it’s safe to close your eyes can serve as a perfect meditation space. Whether it be at work, at home, or outdoors, you can practice meditation almost anywhere.

When you’d like to practice meditation on your own wear comfortable clothes and sit toward the front of a chair or in a comfortable position on a mat or pillow on the floor or ground. Then simply close your eyes and breath deeply to begin. Make sure you sit straight with good posture and let yourself relax. In our sessions, we will guide you through the meditation and help you get into an uninterrupted calm inner space.


Meditation is a slow process. You may not see results or feel more tranquil right away. Take it slow and appreciate small improvements in focus, emotional stability, bad habits, or for whatever reason you chose to practice meditation.

The more we meditate the more we grow our minds and self-control. With repetition, practice, and concentration, you can find your inner peace and become a happier you.

Staying Mindful in Life

Meditation isn’t just a one-and-done kind of thing. In time, this practice should also carry over into your day-to-day as well. Staying mindful after meditation is one of the many benefits of Mindful Awareness Meditation. Our Smithfield meditation students often notice a significant improvement in mindful responsiveness, increased awareness, and become distracted less often.

The key is to make a conscious decision to carry on your day being mindful. Imagine what you are going to do next in whatever you may be struggling with or wanting to improve in life and in yourself. It’s often easy to end a meditation session and jump right back into bad habits. With mindful practice, it becomes more and more second nature to keep your calm.

Meditation is Not Just For The Mind

Meditation is not just good for your mind, but also for your body. This practice can actually help lower blood pressure and improves brain waves, heart rate, and breathing patterns and rate. Mindful Awareness Meditation can also help you sleep better, perform better at work, and daily tasks by improving focus, memory, and concentration.

We also encourage something called a “body scan” where you focus on different parts of your body and how they feel during meditation. This practice can help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, body aches, physical awareness, and stress.

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