4 Doubts About Yoga Instructor Training & Why You Should Ignore Them

Yoga is a widely adored, commonly practiced discipline. Across the United States, people have adopted the Hindu meditative activity as a central and grounding part of their daily lives. While it is internationally praised, however, few people pursue a yoga certification allowing them to teach yoga. In this article, we’ll discuss the four most common doubts we hear when talking to potential yoga teachers, and why people sometimes hesitate on starting yoga instructor training.

Yoga Teacher Tuition

This is a classic issue that so many people must consider when making a career decision. While 300-hour yoga certification is less intensive than studying to be a mechanical engineer or heart surgeon, tuition is still a factor.

It is especially frustrating that it is a problem, because money is a completely irrelevant aspect of practicing yoga. Yoga is all about escaping the financial stress of everyday life. Is it worth it to spend even more money learning to teach something that you can partake in for far less?

Yes. There are many ways to dodge having to pay the full price for your 300-hour yoga certification. Many people use crowdsourcing and ask for donations from friends and family. There are also scholarships available that will pay for a portion of the training, such as our Connected Warrior Scholarship. For our 300-Hour Yoga Instructor training, a discount is offered for early bird registration, and payment plans are available.

The personal reward that comes from going through yoga instructor training is helping people find their centers and feel more at peace in their lives – which is far more than worth the price.

Pose Perfection

Many people are hesitant to become a yoga teacher and get their certification because they think they can’t do all the poses perfectly.

Knowing how to teach the poses is far more important than being able to do them perfectly yourself. As a teacher, people will look to you more for personal tips on how they can improve their poses than for a perfect example.

Age Is Just a Number

You do not have to be in your 20s to be a fantastic yoga teacher. Skill as a yoga teacher comes from your character and determination, not how many gray hairs you have. Besides, yoga instructor training is more beneficial for many generations, and people of all ages train to be yoga teachers.


Being able to do a headstand has started to become equated with being a master of yoga. While it is an impressive feat, it has nothing to do with whether you will be an effective yoga teacher. Many people can’t do headstands, so the class you end up teaching may very well not include a headstand as one of the necessary poses.

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