Preparation for Yoga Teacher Training

You’ve signed up or are considering signing up to take Yoga Teacher Training ““ congrats! You’re about to embark on an educational, physical, and spiritual journey that can be life changing. Here’s some tips to help you prepare for your upcoming training.

1. Attend yoga classes at different studios and with different teachers. Make a note afterwards of what you liked and would do different in their class. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the yoga student experience, since after your training you will look at classes differently.

2. As you practice yoga prior to training, notice where you are in your personal practice. Where are you mentally and physically? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What poses do you love or hate? These items can help you focus on what you would like to improve upon during your yoga teacher training. Get in tune with your own body and understanding when it’s telling you that you can stretch further or that it’s enough for the day.

3. Start in on the reading material. Contact the school to find out the recommended reading for your program, and start familiarizing yourself with the books. Reading the materials in advance allows you to let the knowledge sink in and can be better applied to your training, versus reading a lot of texts that may all run together during the training.

4. Let go of your expectations for the training. Allow yourself to be open and willing to learn throughout the experience. Don’t expect to master a difficult pose like a handstand overnight, or that every day of class you will be at your best. Recognize that it’s a process of learning where you can’t predict the impact each session will have on your body or mind.

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