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What is Hatha Yoga?


Hatha Yoga teaches physical health and mental clarity.

The Hatha yoga exercises (postures), deep breathing and focused attention benefits both physical and emotional well-being.  Hatha Yoga is a philosophical view or perspective for healthy living.

At our Smithfield studio we teach skills to improve your breathing, physical strength and flexibility, and reduce the adverse effects of daily, chronic stress through the yoga practice.

Discover calm, steadiness and joy, as you begin the journey to a more centered state of being with Hatha Yoga.

Our classes range from gentle and restorative to more challenging. We firmly believe yoga is for everyone. Please contact us if you have any questions about where to begin.

The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Arthritis Foundation, National Education Association, and many other national and international health organizations recognize yoga as an effective form of healthy exercise and stress reduction.

Join Us For Hatha Yoga in Smithfield Today!

Start feeling better from the inside out with hatha yoga! If you would like additional information about hatha yoga and the yoga classes we have available call us today by clicking the button below or fill out the contact form.

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