Online Yoga Classes Vs Studio Classes

If you are interested in beginning yoga classes or pick back up after getting out of practice, you are probably looking at your online options. There are thousands of yoga videos available through YouTube, and for those who want a live experience, there are even live online classes with a two-way camera. There’s no question that these are convenient options, saving you the time of having to load up your stuff, find a babysitter, and make it to class on time, and if they get you moving, that’s fantastic!

With these online resources, you may be tempted to never set foot in a yoga studio again when you can stay home and practice in your pajamas, but before you say “Sayonara!” to the studio, it’s important to determine if online yoga classes are really right for you or if you’d have a more effective experience at an in-person yoga class.

Personalized Attention from a Certified Yoga Instructor

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re experienced in yoga, having a certified yoga instructor gives you an opportunity to receive personalized attention. For example, if you have an old injury or a current injury, your instructor can help you modify poses in a way to prevent discomfort or further damage. Because he or she is right there and watching the class, your instructor can see if you need to adjust your pose to prevent injury or can bring you a block or bolster to support you and help you hold poses safely.

Learn the Right Way to Move and Hold Poses

When trying to follow a class from a laptop or your smartphone, it’s hard to see the subtleties of each pose and how to flow from pose to pose safely. By only learning by what you see through a video or without getting proper one-on-one instruction, you may be creating bad habits that prevent you from getting the best experience from your workout or worse, setting yourself up for an injury.

Gain a Sense of Community from Live Yoga Classes

In Buddhism, there is a belief that “Sangha” or community, is essential to experiencing your best health and enlightenment. Being a part of a live yoga class allows you to connect with those around you in a relaxing, enjoyable setting. You’re part of a diverse group of individuals who are all there to improve your bodies, minds, and spirits.

Not only is this a great opportunity to meet people and make friends, but there is also a manner of accountability to attending live yoga classes. With regularly scheduled classes, it becomes part of your routine that you don’t want to miss, and it’s easier to make it a priority. Online classes and videos, because they are so flexible and available, it’s easy to procrastinate or skip it altogether.

Avoid Distractions in a Yoga Studio

Yoga is about more than toning muscles and exercising, it’s about cleansing your mind and spirit and achieving peace and focus. Yoga is a great way to “reset” your mind, especially if you’re stressed or overwhelmed. Yoga studios are set up to be distraction-free zones that support achieving that peace and clarity. For many of us, the same can’t be said for trying to exercise at home. How often have you tried to follow with a workout video from YouTube, and a few minutes in, someone wants a snack, the dog wants out, you get an email alert from your phone…

While home can be a place of peace, it’s not always a place of calm. Sometimes getting away from it all can help you gain your focus.

Join Us at Our Smithfield Yoga Studio for Live Classes

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