Make the Most of Daylight Savings with These Tips

Recently, we set our clocks forward one hour. While we lost one hour of sleep, we also gained an extra hour of sunlight in the evening to brighten the cold winter days. As the weeks pass by, we will also gain more sunlight back in the morning, expanding our day even more.

Research shows that with more sleep from Daylight Savings Time comes a lot of mixed results – less crime and automobile deaths, but more heart attacks, suicides and accidents in the workplace.

At The Yoga Connection, we know that it is important to get good things out of the time change by being proactive and creating some healthy habits to coincide with the extended daylight we are given.

Healthy Tips to Improve Well Being after Daylight Savings

Here is a list of a few habits we recommend during this transition into spring:

Take an Early-Morning Walk

Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu practice of medicine, is focused on balance in the body and its systems, especially when it comes to our diets, breathing, and the use of herbal treatments. Within Ayurveda practice are three doshas (doshas are biological energies found in your body and mind). The dosha that rules this time of year is kapha, which reflects qualities of water and earth. Qualities of kapha include heavy, slow, steady, solid, cold and soft. Basically, this means that during this time of year you can find yourself feeling rather sluggish if you don’t practice good habits.

Wake Up Early

A good way to minimize this kapha in your body is by waking up with the sun. This helps you adjust to the time change and get moving to start your day. During this time of year, it’s recommended to take a walk between the hours of 6am and 10am, when your muscles are strongest. This helps melt away extra kapha and motivates you to have a productive day.

Practice Embodying Yoga

Start your day by performing yoga poses that create heat in your body and allow for more mobility, such as Crow pose or Sun Salutations. These open up your body and melt away excess kapha that may be slowing you down and preventing your body from keeping warm. These poses help you to get your muscles moving and your blood flowing early in the morning.

Perform Breathing Exercises

Lack of motivation and congestion can be offset by practicing yoga breathing exercises, such as the Skull-Shining Breath. It also restores your body’s circulation and makes your body more alert. It’s recommended to perform breathing exercises in the morning, to get your blood pumping and your mind clear to start your day.


Spring can be a hectic time. You find yourself constantly staring at your computer screen, phone screen, TV, or just sitting under bright lights in your home or workplace. This artificial light makes our body think that it’s midday, which disrupts the natural cycle of light and our circadian rhythms. This can lead to insomnia, as well as deregulation of your metabolism. Prevent this by stepping away from the screens and artificial light. Take time to sit by candlelight or the fire, and read a book or talk with friends and family, rather than staring at screens. This will help you stay energized and get better sleep.

Appreciate Sunlight More

Watching the sunrise and sunset helps your body create a daily rhythm and aligns your schedule with the sun. It also helps maintain proper function of your eyes by watching this full spectrum of light. The sun generates life, and watching it helps you calm your body and appreciate your day.

Find New Ways to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

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