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Yoga in the Workplace Is Becoming More Common, and for Good Reason

yoga classes in smithfiled, ncHealth and wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular within company benefit programs. Yoga is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods used to create a healthy work environment. All that is required for adding yoga to your workplace is floor space and an experienced yoga instructor to guide employees through the relaxation methods!

There are many different forms of yoga, from sweltering hot classes to mindful awareness meditation. To cater to the office environment, calm and mindful meditative yoga is most effective. Why should you add yoga to your office? There are too many reasons to list, but here are a few:

Calm Demeanors

Work is a stressful environment, which often involves tight deadlines and angry customers. Adding yoga into the office routine will have a calming and relaxing effect on employees. Instead of spending eight hours a day stressed and anxious, a session of yoga will guide employees to a serene state of well-being. For the company, this translates into fewer office conflicts and happier customers.

Decline in Sick Days

It’s no secret that improving health also improves the immune system, and stress levels tend to decline through yoga practice. The subsequent reduction in the stress hormone cortisol will then have a strengthening effect on the immune system. A stronger immune system equals fewer sick days. A healthy approach to life works toward a more productive routine overall.

Improved Concentration

Meditation and yoga have been shown to improve concentration levels and reduce burnout among employees. Focus improves when individuals begin participating in yoga because the mind rests quietly in a relaxed state that rids it of distracting thoughts.

Relief of Sedentary Lifestyle Ailments

Most Americans spend their days sedentary, behind computers. This lifestyle results in many negative outcomes, including heart disease, diabetes, and musculoskeletal issues. Performing a yoga routine on a regular basis can relieve each of these ailments, improving lifestyle and extending lives. For the employer, improved health not only cuts down on sick days, but also reduces workers’ compensation claims.

Workplace Yoga Popularity

Yoga in the workplace is a popular new concept, and benefits prove why it is a good option for boosting health and morale. Increase in focus, concentration, and a calm demeanor will result in happier, more productive employees. From Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops in small towns, employers are beginning to implement yoga programs. The practice requires little space and money but reaps significant health benefits for everyone involved.

Though introduced to yoga over 30 years ago, Martha has been teaching yoga since 2001. She received her 200 hour yoga training in 2003 and is now an E-RYT 500. Additional education: M.S. in Health Psychology, Integrative Health Coach and Mindful Awareness Meditation instructor (Duke Integrative Medicine), and over 800 hours of Yoga Therapy training. She has a school for 200 hour and beginning in the winter of 2014, a 300 hour advanced yoga certification which will award a cumulative 500 hour teacher training in compliance with Yoga Alliance. Martha's envisions yoga as a form of health, healing and well being for all people. Her students range from health professionals to yoga practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga. See all of our yoga classes.

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