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Yoga Teacher Training for Health Coaches

Smithfield, NC health coaches taking yoga teacher training coursesIf you’re a practicing health coach, or you are working to get your health coaching certification, now is a great time to add a yoga certification to your credentials! You’re passionate about helping others live a healthier, more balanced life, and becoming a yoga instructor aligns seamlessly with your goals while expanding your expertise. Discover how our Smithfield, NC yoga teacher training classes can help you become a sought after health coach with a thriving practice while offering healing solutions to your clients!

Providing Health Benefits for Your Clients

As a health coach, you work with clients to help them improve their wellness and overall wellbeing so they can live their best lives. Yoga has so many health benefits that will work with your clients, no matter what difficulties you coach your clients through. The benefits of yoga include:

These are just a few of the incredible benefits that yoga can provide for your clients, making it more likely for them to experience success in meeting their health goals. Adding yoga instruction works with any niche, including naturally healing from chronic illness, weight loss, and clean eating!

Yoga Teacher Training Adds Respected Credentials

A certified yoga teacher training program, such as our 200-hour yoga certification, shows that you’ve put in the hard work and have the expertise to safely and effectively provide yoga instruction to your clients.

We know that health coaching is a competitive industry. In order to succeed, you have to stand out with something that separates you from the thousands of other coaches you’re competing against. By becoming a trained yoga instructor, you earn the respect of being an expert while offering services that will appeal to the clients you’re excited to work with!

Adding Yoga Instruction into Your Coaching Practice

Once you complete your yoga teacher training, there are so many ways you can use it to elevate your coaching practice.

  • If you’re an online coach, create yoga videos to add into your coaching program or do remote 1:1 yoga instruction via Zoom or your preferred video software.
  • Create short videos or an instructional PDF download as a free gift for new subscribers.
  • Utilize Facebook Live to teach poses to those in your Facebook groups or lead guided meditations.
  • Host live classes locally and use them to market your coaching services while supplementing your income as a health coach.


Having your yoga instruction certification can open a wide array of new options to expand your health coaching business. Not only are you providing an additional service to your clients that will lead to their improved outcomes, you are making an investment in your business that will help you succeed in your career!

Join Us at The Yoga Connection for Your Yoga Teacher Training!

If you’re ready to become a certified yoga instructor, we have the perfect classes to help you launch your new career! From our Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour yoga certification, to our more advanced programs, we’re here to provide you with the comprehensive instruction you need to confidently teach others in the healing practices of yoga. If you would like to learn more about our classes, check out our class calendar or give us a call at 919-971-1431!

Though introduced to yoga over 30 years ago, Martha has been teaching yoga since 2001. She received her 200 hour yoga training in 2003 and is now an E-RYT 500. Additional education: M.S. in Health Psychology, Integrative Health Coach and Mindful Awareness Meditation instructor (Duke Integrative Medicine), and over 800 hours of Yoga Therapy training. She has a school for 200 hour and beginning in the winter of 2014, a 300 hour advanced yoga certification which will award a cumulative 500 hour teacher training in compliance with Yoga Alliance. Martha's envisions yoga as a form of health, healing and well being for all people. Her students range from health professionals to yoga practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga. See all of our yoga classes.

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