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Deconstructing Asana Workshop

Regardless of your level of experience, this workshop goes a bitdeeper into the yoga postures and their purpose within our health & wellness. Uncover the finer details of the primary yoga postures & enhance your personal practice, and lend a bit more comfort in being in the yo

Focus of Yoga-asana: Flexibility versus Range of Motion?

Flexibility is dependent upon structure. The shape of the join, how much cartilage is there to protect the joint, ligament/muscular support, and whether there is damage due to disease or injury (ex., osteoarthritis and excessive repetitive motion), all contribute to the potential flex

Yoga Therapy is not…

Yoga therapy is not just physical therapy using yoga postures. It is much richer, more dimensional than that form of treatment. It is also used in conjunction with or following diagnosis of an illness or dysfunction.
Supporting personal growth

The lost art of yoga-asana

I just finished a workshop with Gary Kraftsow this past weekend. I was so pleased to hear him speak about the difference between asana as yoga and yoga as yoga. Asana is a fragment of the full philosophical spectrum of yoga. The asana-s are templates/models for us to use towards welln

Yoga builds our sense of oneness

As we spend the day lost in thought, that action is referred to as rumination. Round we go in circles, often in a negative conversation with our selves as though we are two people at odds with each other. An on the mat yoga asana practice gives us the opportunity to practice bringing

An under-rated yoga pose

One posture that can be undervalued is Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II. Sometimes it is used as a transition pose, other times a warm-up pose, and sometimes a “strengthening” pose. Yet I find Warrior 1 a great place to discover the flexibility of the hips, exploring the equal distribut