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Yoga is being the breath…

Yoga can make improvements in the bio-psycho-social life of a person suffering from respiratory conditions. I am not suggesting that it’s a miracle cure, there is a great difference between healing and curing. Curing suggests the physical/psychic body is restored and there is no more

Yoga: awareness of being aware.

Yoga is mindful awareness. As you settle into the sensations of your breathing; the subtle adjustments and shifting of the body; the focus on the moment to moment continuum that makes up your life. That is yoga. I recently ran into a friend I had not seen in a while. She mentioned tha

Thoughts on what is deeper

I am still thinking about what it means to “go deeper” when I am on the mat. Deeper is not stretching the ends of capacity in the physical body as so often expressed in yoga classes. GO DEEPER, the instructor says, and we and our western minds immediately go to the physica

Yoga asana: deeper doesn’t mean tougher

I have often been in a yoga class where the teacher tells me I can go deeper if I would like to. Deeper meaning increasing the difficulty or pushing to the edge of ability. But does deeper have to be more difficult, more edgy? In my personal practice I have found that deeper can also