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Sacred Self Expression: Women’s Leadership Retreat

I am excited to share that I am co-facilitating a retreat for female leaders March 28 – 31st in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina! The theme of our event is Sacred Self Expression and it’s created for women who… struggle to feel heard and seen… are afraid ask for what yo

Yoga for weight management: myths & truths

Sweat, detox, push, high energy, power, go to the edge are too often the words used to describe yoga classes for weight loss and weight management. Yet let’s think about this. Exhaustion, stress, and depletion is one of the main culprits for weight gain and difficulty in maintaining a

The word Vairagyam saved my mind yesterday

Boy, this week has been one of those weeks where a cave to hide in would have been greatly welcomed. While I was looking for a good place to physically escape I opened up a book and there is it was, Vairagyam, the word sitting in front of my eyes. At that moment I realized I was so dr

Vinyasa Krama

Today is a workshop on vinyasa krama and flow yoga. I keep seeing flow classes described as more challenging or quicker paced but rarely if ever described as a method for increasing muscle power, improving & controlling respiration, and as a method to balance the body between stre

New Yoga Teachers

Another group of new yoga teachers have completed their 220 hours of yoga training. Some will become teachers, some took this to increase their personal knowledge, others to serve and to heal those suffering with mental illness, the difficulties of poverty and discrimination. The beau
Supporting personal growth

The lost art of yoga-asana

I just finished a workshop with Gary Kraftsow this past weekend. I was so pleased to hear him speak about the difference between asana as yoga and yoga as yoga. Asana is a fragment of the full philosophical spectrum of yoga. The asana-s are templates/models for us to use towards welln

Moments are meditation

Every day lately, it seems as though there is another challenge in staying in my meditation practice. Demands from others whose needs right now, simply cannot be put on hold. I was beginning to think that perhaps my meditation practice needed to be suspended for a brief time until thi

An under-rated yoga pose

One posture that can be undervalued is Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II. Sometimes it is used as a transition pose, other times a warm-up pose, and sometimes a “strengthening” pose. Yet I find Warrior 1 a great place to discover the flexibility of the hips, exploring the equal distribut

Yoga: awareness of being aware.

Yoga is mindful awareness. As you settle into the sensations of your breathing; the subtle adjustments and shifting of the body; the focus on the moment to moment continuum that makes up your life. That is yoga. I recently ran into a friend I had not seen in a while. She mentioned tha