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Deconstructing Asana Workshop

Regardless of your level of experience, this workshop goes a bitdeeper into the yoga postures and their purpose within our health & wellness. Uncover the finer details of the primary yoga postures & enhance your personal practice, and lend a bit more comfort in being in the yo

Focus of Yoga-asana: Flexibility versus Range of Motion?

Flexibility is dependent upon structure. The shape of the join, how much cartilage is there to protect the joint, ligament/muscular support, and whether there is damage due to disease or injury (ex., osteoarthritis and excessive repetitive motion), all contribute to the potential flex

Unsteady joints: the bigger picture

Unsteady joints need gentle attention, a slow even development of the surrounding connective tissue and muscle. Jumping into exercises around an unstable joint without careful assessment could lead to more instability and discomfort for the client/student. First one has to assess as w