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300 Hour Teacher Training F.A.Q.

Who can participate in a 300-hour yoga teacher training at The Yoga Connection?

You must have a 200-hour certification recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Is there a certificate with this training?

Yes. The Yoga Connection, RYS will award you a certificate of completion. With this certificate of completion you can register with Yoga Alliance for the 500-hour level of training.

What is Yoga Alliance and what is RYS?

Yoga Alliance® is the national education and support organization for yoga in the United States. They established minimum standards for yoga teachers. Teachers that meet these standards are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). Registered teachers with significant experience can register as Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT). A school that satisfies or exceeds the minimum training standards may apply for Registered Yoga School (RYS) status. Once a school is registered, all graduates of the RYS are automatically eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Connection is a RYS.

Can I miss any sessions?

Each weekend, whether 3 or 4 days, consists of modules within each day. If you miss more than 30 minutes of any module, no credit will be for that module and you will have to make up that time privately. Private sessions are available at the rate of $60 per hour. If you chose not to make up the time then you can continue with the teacher training but no certificate will be awarded and you will not be able to register with Yoga Alliance. This is a commitment on our part and on yours. We will do everything we can to help you complete this training but your presence is absolute. Please read the enrollment application carefully to understand cancelation and refund policy.

Can I start the training at any time?

The training is designed similar to a college courses and each weekend module builds upon the next. If you must begin after the February start date, we can accommodate you in this training. The last weekend module in November cannot be taken until all other requirements are full filled.

Who will be teaching me?

Martha Catz is the primary E-RYT for this training. Our other faculty members are: JJ Gormley, E-RYT500 and Yoga Therapist; Sharon Dawson (Yoga Nidra); N. D. Catz, MD; George Nemecz, PhD. There will be other instructors who are RYT’s, and guest speakers who meet the requirements of Yoga Alliance. Credentials of participating faculty, staff, and guest speakers can be seen on The Yoga Connection public profile page at Yoga Alliance.

Will there be work outside of the weekend programs?

Yes, there will be a research paper that is due prior to completion; homework assignments; class planning assignments; assisting in a 200-hour teacher training; and some journaling.

What happens after I complete the program? What are my options?

More and more studios are requiring a 500-hour training in order to teach. Many European countries already have more stringent requirements than a 200-hour teacher training, and the USA seems to be headed in that direction also.

This 300-hour training will give a solid foundation for those who are interested in continuing on into Yoga Therapy, which is an addition minimum 500 hours. The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) is moving towards yoga therapy becoming a licensed practice as massage and acupuncture are now.

Surya Chandra Healing School, LLC offers a 900 hour yoga therapy training which recognizes The Yoga Connection 300 hour certificate as part of their training requirements. Upon successful completion of our 300 hour program you will be eligible to enter into the next 500 hours of training with “JJ” Janet Gormley-Etchells.

Regardless of whether you chose to continue into the full yoga therapy training or chose to terminate after the successful completion of the 300 hour, you will be able to apply to Yoga Alliance for a 500-hour rating.