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Connected Warriors

Connected Warriors North CarolinaWe are proud to have our own Martha Catz appointed as the Regional Director for the Connected Warriors program to represent North Carolina.

The mission of the Connected Warriors program is

“To Serve Those Who Have Served”

Connected Warrior Training for yoga teachers and healthcare providers are offered during the sessions listed below:

Free Yoga Classes for Service Members and Veterans

Connected Warriors Class at Fort CampbellConnected Warriors offers free trauma-conscious yoga classes to service members, veterans, and their families. The program has over 1,200 attendees per month, and is offered in 12 states. The yoga practice is offered at yoga studios, community centers, military bases, Veteran Centers, VA Medical Centers, and partners with 2 university studies.

“The Military teaches our Warriors to be Present in chaos… Connected Warriors teaches our Warriors and their Families to be Present in peace.”

When first starting with the program, there can be a challenge having the military members overcome their preconceived notions about yoga. They are used to specific missions and understanding the effort it takes to achieve this mission, and taught that a yoga practice is no different. Each pose is explained so they understand not only how to physically achieve the pose, but the benefits of the pose. Training with structure and repetition helps them switch the focus they learned in the military inward instead of focusing on external missions.

Connected Warriors Mission

  • We Build Community – Nationally and Locally among our Warriors, their families and the general community
  • We Value and give Respect
  • We Help families define and live the new normal – before- during- and after service
  • We Meet You where You are, on and off the mat
  • We Respect your current state and value your future state
  • We Value Selfless Giving– we give of ourselves and encourage our Warriors to give to others
  • We Operate with and encourage Integrity
  • We Speak, listen and teach with integrity and hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct
  • We Speak only positive outcomes into existence and this reflects in our actions
  • We Live outside the box – we encourage going to the edge of what is possible to achieve new breakthroughs

If you are a 200 hour Yoga teacher and would like to become a trauma-conscious Connected Warrior instructor, our next training in North Carolina is February 11-12, 2017 in Goldsboro, NC at The Yoga Connection.

Please contact Martha Catz for more information: or 919-971-1431

Benefits to Active Duty and Veterans:

The service members and veterans find the physical movements in yoga and the peaceful mindfulness that it teaches to be an asset for their daily lives. They also find a place to connect and reintegrate into their community here at home. Typically at the start of a new program, the veterans talk to people in the same service branch as theirs, so it would be guys in Army shirts in one corner and the ones in Navy shirts in another. Over time, they form a bond as a part of this new Connected Warriors group and being mixing with and talking to everyone. For Active Duty, yoga supports their fitness training but, it also teaches self awareness, attention and methods for reducing the symptoms of chronic stress.

The program is offered free to military family members as well, which gives the veterans and Active duty more time to bond with their families. The families benefit by being able to connect and share ideas for military benefits, resources and other community groups around their base or town.

Connected Warriors Program

Learn more about the Connected Warriors program on their website at To see the free yoga classes offered through the Connected Warriors program in North Carolina, visit

We’ll be posting more about Connected Warriors classes and Martha’s affiliation with the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in the future. Martha is currently teaching yoga at Ft. Bragg Special Operations Aviation Command and USAJFK Tactical Warfare Academy. The Seymour Johnson AFB class is at the Fitness Center on base 4:30-5:30pm. As always, all Connected Warriors classes are free to Active Duty/Veterans/and Family.