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Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

Many athletes know the benefits of cross-training, mixing strength training in with cardio, and planning rest days. But now athletes ranging from the Philadelphia Eagles to NBA teams to the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team are turning to a different form of cross-training: Yoga.

How to Fit Yoga into A Busy Lifestyle

Life is hectic. It appears there will always be lots of things to do, lots of projects to complete, and very little time to do everything.
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Kids Yoga

Teaching children yoga offers numerous benefits, such as physical fitness, the ability to maintain a calm mind, patience and self-care, and much more. That is why it is never too early to introduce your kids to yoga.

Focus of Yoga-asana: Flexibility versus Range of Motion?

Flexibility is dependent upon structure. The shape of the join, how much cartilage is there to protect the joint, ligament/muscular support, and whether there is damage due to disease or injury (ex., osteoarthritis and excessive repetitive motion), all contribute to the potential flex

Stretching the West

The reference in yoga to the West means the back of the body. This includes the Achilles, calves, hamstrings, buttocks, lower and upper back, back of the arms, and the back of the neck. Unfortunately stretching of the back body seems to be synonymous with hyper stretchy hamstrings and

1000 Hour IAYT Yoga Therapy Training

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) offers a 1000 hour Yoga Therapy Certification added onto a teacher’s exiting 500 hour training.

Yoga is being the breath…

Yoga can make improvements in the bio-psycho-social life of a person suffering from respiratory conditions. I am not suggesting that it’s a miracle cure, there is a great difference between healing and curing. Curing suggests the physical/psychic body is restored and there is no more

Yoga Therapy is not…

Yoga therapy is not just physical therapy using yoga postures. It is much richer, more dimensional than that form of treatment. It is also used in conjunction with or following diagnosis of an illness or dysfunction.

Yoga therapy approach to knees

Knees take so much through out our lives. They bounce, push, propel, bend, straighten, cross, and keep us standing. So why, if the knee hurts, do would we want to “do something” to it to make it feel better. The Yoga therapy approach suggests looking above or below the kne

Unsteady joints: the bigger picture

Unsteady joints need gentle attention, a slow even development of the surrounding connective tissue and muscle. Jumping into exercises around an unstable joint without careful assessment could lead to more instability and discomfort for the client/student. First one has to assess as w