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The Growing Need for Instructors to Teach Yoga for Seniors

People over 65 can benefit greatly from yoga, but there is a current lack of qualified instructors. Learn how you can teach yoga for seniors in our latest article!
Yoga for Seniors Greensville NC

Yoga for Baby Boomers and Beyond

Senior yoga has been proven to be beneficial to the body, both physically and mentally. “The benefits of yoga have long been said to slow—or even gently reverse—the aging process… [seniors] practicing yoga can restore mobility and vitality to their lives.”

Benefits of Additional 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Now that you have finished your 200 hour yoga teacher training, you may wonder what's next. If you wish to specialize your classes to focus on a specific population or type of yoga, we offer a 300 hour Teacher Training to help you take your practice and teaching to a more advanced lev

Yoga for Seniors: The need for qualified yoga instructors

Our Senior Yoga training teaches the biological, psychological and environmental issues of the aging population, to modify and design yoga asana/pranayama/meditation while maintaining effectivness, and how yoga in its full spectrum can bring health and wellness to seniors.

Why a special Senior Yoga training should be considered by Yoga Alliance

OK, so we have Pre/post natal yoga and Kids yoga with certification standards. I understand that is important when working with children. One should be carefully trained because of the issues such as: pedophiles getting into yoga as a means to get to children; issues of child abuse ei

Should yoga instructors and yoga schools be licensed?

I was on a website the other day that referred to itself as offering IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) yoga therapy certification. As of right now that does not even exist according to IAYT. And even if it did, 500 hours is not considered sufficient for yoga therapy