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Yoga is in Evolution

Today I spoke with a woman who is looking for a teacher training that isn’t just about lululemon, gymnastics bending, and one-upmanship in asana performance. She first was introduced to yoga 40 years ago when the practice was about self improvement, healthy living, compassionate relat

New Yoga Teachers

Another group of new yoga teachers have completed their 220 hours of yoga training. Some will become teachers, some took this to increase their personal knowledge, others to serve and to heal those suffering with mental illness, the difficulties of poverty and discrimination. The beau
Supporting personal growth

The lost art of yoga-asana

I just finished a workshop with Gary Kraftsow this past weekend. I was so pleased to hear him speak about the difference between asana as yoga and yoga as yoga. Asana is a fragment of the full philosophical spectrum of yoga. The asana-s are templates/models for us to use towards welln

Can’t know everything

You can’t know everything. Is that such a bad thing to admit, as a yoga teacher? I just finished an amazing Kundalini workshop with HarDashan Khalsa. She spoke about the 10 bodies in kundalini yoga philosophy. What especially intrigued me was her description of the mind. There a

Leaping from asana to meditation? Really?

There is something in Patanjali’s yoga sutras that I think is skipped over or given short shrift: Pratyahara. This is the bridge between the physical and the subtle movement towards meditation. Pratyahara is also the first stages of Yoga Nidra. Not yoga nidra as marketed by many

Model of Health & Wellness

I have been looking over the different models of health that we have in the medical field. I am always surprised at how many the times the words disease, illness, disability, death, poor or reduced function, and etc are mentioned. The words health, wellbeing, healthy, disease free, fu

An under-rated yoga pose

One posture that can be undervalued is Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II. Sometimes it is used as a transition pose, other times a warm-up pose, and sometimes a “strengthening” pose. Yet I find Warrior 1 a great place to discover the flexibility of the hips, exploring the equal distribut

Preparation for Fall and Winter from an Ayurvedic Medicine perspective

Vata dosha in Ayruvedic medicine contains the elements of air and space. As we move into the fall and winter theses seasons bring out this dosha (according to ayruvedic medicine doshas are the 3 primary elements which make up the physical world including us humans). To keep vata dosha