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Get into Groove of Yoga Practice

There are many ways to begin your yoga practice. But the toughest part is not necessarily showing up for that first yoga class. Its showing up for the 3rd or 4th class.

Choosing your Yoga Studio

It can be confusing. You have never taken a yoga class and want to begin. So you start your Google search, and there they are, all types, styles, trends, and promises. So how do you choose? Why do you want to try yoga? Good question to ask yourself. If you want to get a more fitness w

Fat Yoga? Really?

One of my favorite pictures is TKV Desikachar working with, shall I use the term, a portly man, doing a shoulder stand. Desikachar seemed to be fully absorbed in the process.

5 Tips for Starting Your Meditation Practice

Tips for beginning a meditation practice from our Smithfield and Goldsboro Yoga Studio. Avoid Distraction, Find a Comfortable Position, Breathe, Don't get Frustrated, and Meditate with others.

Yoga is being the breath…

Yoga can make improvements in the bio-psycho-social life of a person suffering from respiratory conditions. I am not suggesting that it’s a miracle cure, there is a great difference between healing and curing. Curing suggests the physical/psychic body is restored and there is no more

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Yoga Teacher

What makes a yoga class or yoga teacher go from good to great? Sometimes a class may have a great technical instructor but be boring, or the class could be fun but the instructor a bit lacking in expertise. So what makes the difference?

Yoga for weight management: myths & truths

Sweat, detox, push, high energy, power, go to the edge are too often the words used to describe yoga classes for weight loss and weight management. Yet let’s think about this. Exhaustion, stress, and depletion is one of the main culprits for weight gain and difficulty in maintaining a

Sitting Still: our new culture.

I just learned a new term, the “sit-still” syndrome. It appears that cultural changes have out stripped natural selection as a method of evolution, especially, in the developing countries. How we have designed our environment; the food we eat; how we travel; what defines s

The word Vairagyam saved my mind yesterday

Boy, this week has been one of those weeks where a cave to hide in would have been greatly welcomed. While I was looking for a good place to physically escape I opened up a book and there is it was, Vairagyam, the word sitting in front of my eyes. At that moment I realized I was so dr

Mindfulness is Life Changing

I am at Duke Integrative Medicine, taking a course in Mindful Eating. I am constantly amazed at how the methods of mindfulness can change a person’s life. The practice of paying attention to the present moment, without acting on the activities of the mind, just being the observer for