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Practice Yoga While Traveling

How to Keep Up With Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

If you’re like most people, you probably do some traveling in November and December for the holidays. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and celebrating the New Year, most of us spend some time on the road or on a plane during the last two months of the year. It can be hard to fit in a
using props in yoga

Why You Should Be Using Props to Support Your Yoga Poses

Using yoga props has been shown to provide many benefits, such as providing a deeper sense of stability and alleviating any muscle strain. Here’s some of the benefits of practicing with props and why you should be using them to support your yoga poses.
Fall Yoga Smithfield NC

Welcoming Autumn in Your Yoga Practice

Aligning with the fall season seems instinctive and your body is certain to start craving fall foods and herbs, too. Will you be ready to go with the late autumn flow of the vata season? Now is the time for implementing changes.
Inspirational Quotes by Non-Yoga Practitioners

The Most Inspirational Yoga Quotes Not Spoken by Yoga Teachers

Do you ever wish you had a notebook on hand to write down a great inspirational quote or philosophy on life shared by your yoga teacher during class. But what about those who never practiced yoga, but inspired many throughout history? Here are some inspirational quotes that fit in wit
How to Practice Yoga Outside

How to Practice Yoga Outside

Practicing outdoor yoga can intensify your yoga experience. The fresh air can help with deeper breaths, the openness of the environment can inspire a more peaceful spiritual connection with nature. Although outdoor yoga can be enjoyable and beneficial, there are several factors to tak
How to Fit Yoga into A Busy Lifestyle

How to Fit Yoga into A Busy Lifestyle

Life is hectic. It appears there will always be lots of things to do, lots of projects to complete, and very little time to do everything.

Three Reasons Why Inversions are The Fountain of Youth

Yoga is a practice that can help with restorative and preventative results. It goes beyond just going through the motions and practicing certain poses.

Yoga in the Workplace Is Becoming More Common, and for Good Reason

Health and wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular within company benefit programs. Yoga is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods used to create a healthy work environment. All that is required for adding yoga to your workplace is floor space and an experie
yoga instructor

Becoming a Yoga Instructor for the Right Reasons

Teaching yoga as an instructor is very rewarding for many reasons. Meeting new people, helping them improve their lives and many more reasons are why someone interested in teaching yoga should take the chance!
yoga camp goldsboro

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga As the adult community grows around the benefits of yoga, children in this stressed out, push to succeed world we live in, also need the benefits of yoga. Teaching children not only the benefits of yoga such as physical fitness, to calm ruminating minds, and practice patienc