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Should You Try Online Yoga Classes?

Whether you’re experienced with yoga or would like to get started with classes, you’ve probably been weighing the benefits of online yoga classes, rather than going to a studio. To help you determine if they’re right for you, we’re breaking down some of the pro

5 Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief

Whether it’s the occasional discomfort of a pulled muscle or ongoing tension from sitting at a desk all day, back pain is a common problem for many people. Fortunately, gentle yoga exercises can soothe the ache while stretching out tight discomfort to provide natural, effective relief
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Yoga for Menstrual Cramps and PMS

If you suffer from menstrual cramps and other symptoms caused by PMS, like headaches, back pain, mood swings, and fatigue, yoga can offer natural relief. By gently stretching the muscles as well as focusing on deep breathing exercises that calm the mind, you can reduce or even get rid

How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

Learn our tips to prepare for your yoga teacher training to help you succeed when classes begin!
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The 5 Best Books for Yoga Teachers

When you were working through your 200-hour yoga teacher training, you most likely read several books, such as The Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and The Upanishads. While there is incredible knowledge to be found in those texts, we feel it’s important to continue lear

Top Yoga Music for 2020

Listening to music while you practice yoga is an excellent way to find a rhythm, clear your mind, or soothe any stress and get in the right head space to get the most out of your session. Whether you want something soft and peaceful as you engage in pranayama or you enjoy something a
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Maintaining Your Yoga Practice While Away From Home

If you're traveling or going off to college, learn how to take your yoga routine with you!

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

Many athletes know the benefits of cross-training, mixing strength training in with cardio, and planning rest days. But now athletes ranging from the Philadelphia Eagles to NBA teams to the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team are turning to a different form of cross-training: Yoga.

Practicing Santosha On and Off The Yoga Mat

Santosha teaches us to let go of what you can’t control. The focus is to stop seeking happiness from outside sources and appreciate what is good in our lives right now, and realize that happiness is inside us. While this is an easy concept to understand, it is understandably difficult

Online Yoga Classes Vs Studio Classes

Want to explore yoga, but aren't sure if yoga videos on YouTube or signing up for live yoga classes in Smithfield is right for you? Learn more in our guide!