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Boost Your Immune System With Yoga

As cold and flu season takes hold in and around the Goldsboro and Smithfield areas, I know so many of us want to avoid getting sick. Fortunately, you do have the power to naturally boost your immune system with yoga! Here's how.
how to be grateful

How to be Grateful On & Off Your Yoga Mat

When you find it tough to be grateful, remember that showing gratitude doesn’t have to come in the form of a grand gesture. Simply try one of these helpful activities, and watch your gratitude increase!
Practicing Yoga at Home

7 At-Home Yoga Essentials

Part of the beauty of yoga is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to practice at home or outside. Here are our 7 must-haves for an at-home yoga practice.
Fall Yoga Smithfield NC

Welcoming Autumn in Your Yoga Practice

Aligning with the fall season seems instinctive and your body is certain to start craving fall foods and herbs, too. Will you be ready to go with the late autumn flow of the vata season? Now is the time for implementing changes.
Inspirational Quotes by Non-Yoga Practitioners

The Most Inspirational Yoga Quotes Not Spoken by Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers often provide great inspirational quotes or philosophies on life during class, but so do individuals who have never practiced yoga at all. Here are some inspirational quotes that fit in with the practice of yoga that weren't said by yoga instructors.
yoga and mental physical health

Make the Most of Daylight Savings with These Tips

Adjusting to the time change after daylight savings can be a challenge for the body. Here are some helpful tips that can help you adjust to the new time and get your body back in rhythm.
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Yoga in the Workplace Is Becoming More Common, and for Good Reason

Yoga is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods used to create a healthy work environment. Having yoga in the workplace offers several benefits, such as a decline in sick days, improved concentration, and a calm demeanor.

More asana than stars in the heavens

As yoga teachers begin their teaching experience, so many are taught the intricacies of guiding their students into the Yoga Posture. My question is: What does “the yoga posture” mean? It sounds so definitive, full of exactness, of “this is how it’s doneness”, that I feel the freedom

Stretching the West

The reference in yoga to the West means the back of the body. This includes the Achilles, calves, hamstrings, buttocks, lower and upper back, back of the arms, and the back of the neck. Unfortunately stretching of the back body seems to be synonymous with hyper stretchy hamstrings and

Yoga for the New Year

As the new year rings in, you’re probably wondering what changes you want to make this year. Maybe you want to get back in shape, or live a healthier lifestyle, or just be more peaceful. Good news! Yoga can help with all of that!