Top Yoga Music for 2020

Listening to music while you practice yoga is an excellent way to find a rhythm, clear your mind, or soothe any stress and get in the right head space to get the most out of your session. Whether you want something soft and peaceful as you engage in pranayama or you enjoy something a bit more upbeat to keep you motivated through intensive vinyasa yoga, we’re picking out the best yoga music for 2020.

Your Yoga Music Should Complement Your Yoga Practice

Music can affect your mood, your energy, and your mindset, so when you’re creating a playlist of music, think about what kind of tone you want to set for yourself as you practice. These are just a few things you can factor in:

  • Time of day – If you like to practice in the morning, your music will be different than what you’d choose for a session in the evening.
  • Pace of movements – If your flow is slow, smooth, and measured, thumping bass will throw you off your rhythm. On the other hand, shorter poses and more fast-paced flow will lend itself better to more dynamic beat.
  • Start and end slow – The beginning of your yoga session should focus on breathing and a fast-paced song may not let you get into the right flow. Save the faster music for the middle of the session when you’re more focused on pushing yourself a bit more.
  • Mood – Even if it’s a song you love, avoid listening to negative music – songs with aggressive or sad lyrics can be particularly damaging to a yoga session.
  • Seasons – This is especially true if you like to practice outdoors, but even if you prefer to be indoors, music can take on a seasonal vibe.

Consider Instrumental Music for Yoga Sessions

Many professional yoga instructors will choose music that doesn’t have lyrics. Often, lyrics can pull you out of a deep concentration or minimize your meditative state, and in some cases they can trigger a disruptive thought pattern. After all, do you really want to listen to a song that reminds you of the college boyfriend who broke your heart when you’re trying to achieve inner peace and enlightenment? Probably not. Instrumental music can be a great way to pick up on energy and mood of music without being pulled out of your mental and spiritual space.

Embrace Silence in Your Yoga Practice

Sometimes, you may not be feeling the music, even if it’s full of songs that normally carry you through your sequences effortlessly. If you find your music is pulling you out of the moment, your mind and spirit may be telling you that it’s time for silence. Or, if silence is more distracting, try nature sounds, like rain, ocean waves, or Tibetan singing bowls or drums.

Yoga Music Suggestions

If you need some inspiration for your playlist, try some of these songs and see how they move you!

  • Cancao – The Breed
  • Belly Breathing – Biocratic
  • Shivo Hum – Paul Avgerinos
  • Breathe Deep (Feat. East Forest) – MC Yogi
  • About The Distance – Flitz&Suppe
  • Heartbeat Amplifier – The Polish Ambassador
  • Karlavagnen – Karlavagnen
  • Montana – Isobel Belano

And of course, Spotify has some excellent pre-made playlists!

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