How to Fit Yoga into A Busy Lifestyle

Life is hectic. It appears there will always be lots of things to do, lots of projects to complete, and very little time to do everything. Conversely, there are tasks worth making a priority; one extremely important task is your wellbeing and health.

As most people are aware of, yoga has a plethora of health benefits. To accrue the most benefits, most people believe you should perform yoga about 3 times per week. We recognize that it can be difficult to fit in; so, we have some tips on how to fit in your yoga exercises.

How Exactly Can We Fit Yoga Practice into Our busy working lifestyles?

When you imagine a yoga class, you probably think about yoga mats, yoga pants, yoga blocks and a huge gym, but you don’t necessarily require the above props for your practice. For instance, you are not expected to want to drag your yoga mat to work in your car or bring it out if you work in a school or an office, because you may not feel normal or want to bring attention to yourself.  It is important to actively think about your health as well as read up on the most recent health & fitness articles to provide yourself with the best chance of success.  It may not be suitable either if say, you work in a clinic or spend your lunch break in a busy cafeteria. The first step to think about is when in your workday is it most likely that you can dedicate 5-15 minutes to your yoga?

Start Small with Your Practice

Start by including a few yoga poses after your run as a part of your cool-down routine, like stretching and foam rolling. It will help calm your central nervous system, too. Not sure what yoga poses to do? Here are some awesome yoga poses for walkers and runners. Remain in each pose for 3-5 breaths.

Standing in Line

Take a pause at your desk by being present for a few moments sitting with your feet steadfastly rooted on the floor while resting your eyes. Inhale in and exhale out evenly. If you’re concerned about your co-workers watching you, keep your eyes focused as you concentrate on your conscious breathing. Take a few minutes of peace during the workday.

Reading a Book

If you’re more of a fan of reading a book, then break out your yoga mat and put your book in front of you for and perform Salamba Bhujangasana or Sphinx pose. Lie on your stomach with the tops of your feet on the mat. Push yourself up to your elbows and keep your forearms equivalent for a gentle backbend.

Do you continuously struggle to make time for your yoga practice? What other methods are you able to get your meditation, asana, or your center on during hectic periods in your day? Join us for a live class and let us know how we can help!