Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Gifts for yoga lovers

When it comes to gifts for yoga lovers, you may think that your flexible friends already have everything they need to enjoy their practice. While that may be true, every yogi loves a new toy to play with on the mat — from wheels to blocks to straps and everything in between, here are the best gifts for yoga lovers this year: 

Yoga Mats

Sure, your yoga-loving friends already have their own yoga mats—but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love another one to add to their collection. 

And there is no shortage of options out there. If your friend is a hippie at heart, opt for an eco-friendly plant foam option like this one from Yoloha, made from 70% renewable materials. For the aesthetically-minded yoga lover, check out Society6, where custom artwork can be printed on yoga mats for a one-of-a-kind gift. Even a beginner might want a second mat as they grow their practice, and one with alignment markings—like this one offered by Yoga Dood—is perfect for helping newbies stay centered during a complicated flow.  

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are a great addition to practice, whether the recipient is an absolute beginner or an old pro. They can be made of foam, cork, bamboo, or wood, and are typically used to shorten the distance between the yoga practitioner and the floor to make certain poses and stretches more accessible. They can also be placed under the back, head, or hips, to deepen the stretches or help settle into a pose. 

These accessories typically aren’t very expensive, but they can add a lot of variety to a practice. You can snag a simple foam block on Amazon for around $10, or opt for an eco-friendly cork block. Some even double as decor thanks to pretty designs printed on the front. 

Yoga Wheels

You may or may not have seen this popular prop in your own local yoga studio, but it has been growing in popularity in the community over the course of the past few years. Yoga wheels are exactly what they sound like: Hollow wheels are usually made of cork or PVC. They are used for everything from deepening stretches to recovery. 

They’re perfect for beginners who want to use them to practice their backbends with some extra support, but they can also come in handy for those of any skill level who want deeper stretches. Small wheels can also be used in the same way that a foam roller can, as a way to massage out any pesky knots. 

Many companies sell their yoga wheels in sets, with three sizes available, so you don’t even have to worry about which size is best for your giftee.

Stretch Strap

Like blocks, yoga straps are used to help extend your reach in a pose, and to help improve your flexibility and alignment over time. These can be adjusted to different lengths to work for anyone regardless of height, and tension can be added or removed by adjusting it—in other words, they are a perfect gift for a yoga lover that can carry them through every stage of their practice journey. 

These are some of the most affordable yoga accessories around and usually cost anywhere between $8 and $24. 

Yoga Clothing 

Yoga clothes should be breathable, lightweight, and easy to move in. Many yoga lovers also prefer clothes that aren’t too loose or flowy, as these can get in the way of certain movements. 

High-end yoga gear can be expensive though, so splurging on a quality or popular brand that they may not treat themselves to is guaranteed to brighten your yoga-loving friend’s day. Some of the most popular yoga clothing brands are:

  • LuluLemon
  • Halara
  • Fabletics
  • Under Armour 
  • Wolven
  • Athleta 

You can also find some quality pieces at most department stores in the athleticwear department! 

Practicing Yoga at The Yoga Connection

Last but certainly not least, if you know a yoga lover who loves practicing in the studio with a class, or who wants to try out a new flow or practice area, you can always give them a membership or even a single class pass to a yoga studio. 

At the Yoga Connection, you can purchase a six or 12-class pass, or a one- or three-month membership, along with other options that give you and the yoga lovers in your life plenty of options to choose from.

Call us today at  919-971-1431 or reach out to us online to learn more about the classes we offer.

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